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    Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/realwarroguestates/index.html?tag=result;title;0


    24 campaign missions from original game PLUS 14 new missions
    12 skirmish maps from the original game PLUS 20 new skirmish maps
    Over 60 military units PLUS 10 new units: The US units are actual
    Units used by today's military; ILA (the enemy) units are based on Russian and
    other military units.
    Multiplayer over Gamespy: Multiplayer now includes a cooperative multiplayer
    mode - You and I are the US. I control the air forces, you control the land
    forces and we fight against two other people who are cooperatively controlling
    the ILA forces
    Pre-deployment orders: as a unit is being built, you can give it orders so
    that it doesn't just wait around after being created.
    Unit-specific standing orders: command a unit to take out all the enemy's
    generators, or all the anti-air guns, etc.
    Enhanced AI and Pathing Improvements in the art include:
    All units are now polished more and sleeker
    Infantry is larger and 3D models, rather than sprites
    Both US and ILA HUD interface have been reworked to look cooler and more
    distinctive for each side.

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